Temperature of China


Mean annual temperature averaged over mainland of China. Shown as the anomalies with respect to the 1961-1990 climatology. Smooth line is the low-frequency component from a low-pass filter. (Figure in high resolution: PDF)

l        Highest temperature occurs in 2007 the second highest year is 2006,  and the 3rd is 1998, with temperature anomalies of 1.61, 1.40, and 1.39°C respectively.

l        Trend for period 1880-2009 is 0.75°C/100yr. Trend for period 1950-2009 is 2.32°C/100yr, and a much larger number of 5.10°C/100yr for 1980-2009 period.

Data download here. Data period is 1880-2009. Presented are anomalies for nine regions in mainland of China and their weighted average. No data available for Taiwan, therefore Region 5 has not been included in this series.


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